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Former CUNY Professor Exposed As Alt-Right White Nationalist Leader



Former CUNY Professor Exposed As Alt-Right White Nationalist Leader

A former New York professor was exposed as an alt-right white nationalist leader after it was discovered he co-hosted a podcast with Richard Spencer.

Right Wing Watch reports Joshua Dietz, a former adjunct psychology professor at Kingsborough Community College, was revealed to be a prominent white nationalist leader. He frequently co-hosts with Richard Spencer on the podcast “The McSpencer Group” under the name “Josh Neal” and recently appeared on a white nationalist program titled “No White Guilt.” The exposure comes days after journalist Milo Yiannopoulus released audio of Spencer spewing racial slurs about African-Americans and Jewish people after the events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“My ancestors f*ing enslaved those little pieces of f*ing shit. I rule the f*cking world. Those pieces of f*ing sh*t get ruled by people like me. They look up and see a face like mine looking down at them. That’s how the f*ing world works. “

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A spokesperson from Kingsborough Community College confirmed that Dietz no longer worked at the school.

“Joshua Neil Dietz does not currently work at Kingsborough Community College”

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RateMyProfessor showed Deitz used to teach “Hypnosis and Related Phenomena” between the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semester. Several reviews on the site ranged from good to bad based on his performance.

“Just throws bulk of the textbooks on Blackboard slides, which he seems to be unfamiliar with, rambles on and on. No real class discussions or participation, he does most of the talking (literally tells stories from personal life as”examples”) seems to wing it often. A bit blunt & crude, arrives late, cool, modern professor but not good educator.”

Press play to hear Spencer’s racist rant in the video below and share your thoughts with the Yappa comment box!


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