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Former NFL Player Shawne Merriman Sued For Death Of Playboy Model



Former NFL Player Shawne Merriman Sued For Death Of Playboy Model

Former NFL Player Shawne Merriman Sued for Death of Playboy Model

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Former NFL star Shawne Merriman is being sued for the death of a woman by her parents.

Fattorini who worked for Playboy was found unresponsive and the coroner ruled her cause of death to be from an overdose of alcohol, cocaine and GHB. Merriman was allegedly responsible for pouring the drug in her drink.

Following her death, her parents, Deann and Ferdinand filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Merriman, a nightclub and other parties because they believe that she was drugged and assaulted before her death.

The woman was allegedly invited out by a promoter, who invited them out to an after party at a private home.

The promoter later sent messages to Shawne Merriman asking him to come get the women so that he could spend time with one girl.

When Merriman arrived, he, Fattorini and her friend went to party at a different house. Text messages sent from her phone showed that she was becoming incoherent.

Around 5 hours after they arrived at the friend’s house, 911 was called by Fattorini’s friend.

The alleged friend said she found her unresponsive. When help arrived, they said Fattorini was “half-naked with her jeans unzipped and unbottoned.”

The suit states that someone tried to redress her in a panic. According to the friend, the former NFL star left once 911 was called in fear of negative media attention.

Merriman was “very concerned about the media attention the incident might create since he was a celebrity.”

The autopsy ruled that there was no foul play, but the girl is reported to have been covered in bruises.

The suit also notes text message sent from the promoter that implicate Merriman in the  death, reading, “Shawn killed her ass, what a f—ing idiot.”

“That dumba** been drugging girls for years.”

The wrongful death lawsuit claims battery, negligence and a violation of the drug dealer liability act.

Shawn has not yet commented.

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