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Four-Year-Old Girl Raped By Man While On A Field Trip With Daycare

Midwest City Police Department


Four-Year-Old Girl Raped By Man While On A Field Trip With Daycare

An Oklahoma four-year-old girl was sexually assaulted while on a field trip with her daycare.

According to the Daily Mail, the girl went on a field trip to McDonald’s with her daycare Tuesday and used the bathroom near the play area. When she didn’t return to her class, one of the daycare workers approached the bathroom and noticed the door was locked. A man walked out of the bathroom and said ‘I was just washing my hands.’ After he left, the victim told the daycare workers that he raped her inside the bathroom.

Police identified the man as 37-year-old Joshua David Kabatra and he told police that he felt sick and threw up in the sink while the child sat on the toilet.

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A statement was released by McDonald’s after receiving news about the horrifying event.

‘We are deeply disturbed by the incident that occurred at one of our Oklahoma restaurants earlier this week. We are fully cooperating with the police during their investigation. At this time, our thoughts are with the victim and others impacted by this incident.’

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