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Fox News Contributor Faces Backlash Over Comments About Nipsey Hussle And Trump



Fox News Contributor Faces Backlash Over Comments About Nipsey Hussle And Trump

Lawrence Jones is getting all types of side-eyes as he suggests that Trump should have sat and talked with Nipsey Hussle while he was still alive!

During an episode of Fox & Friends, talk show host Lawrence Jones made a bold suggestion in regards to president trumps run for office in 2020.

He began to talk about how the black community views Trump and says that if he changes his approach, he could connect with the African American demographic.

“You know, I got to be honest with you, when it comes from a policy standpoint, black voters may not agree with the Democratic Party, but the Democratic Party shows up in the community,” Jones said. “Donald Trump has a great opportunity, he’s been around black folks for a long time when it comes to the people that we consider cultural icons. And I think that it’s time for the president to have a conversation.”

He even goes to say that he feels Trump should have sat down with the late Nipsey Hussle who by the way collaborated on a song with YG called “FDT (F**k Donald Trump).”

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“You know, if Nipsey Hussle was still alive, I would say president, talk to Nipsey because he is one that’s talked about financial literacy,” Jones said. “I don’t think the black community wants the president, the politician. I think more black folks want Donald Trump the businessman. I think that’s the person that they admire.”

Given that Nipsey has sadly been killed, Jones then goes on to find living artists who he feels could help with Trumps look for reelection in 2020.

“If the president were to sit down with someone like Ice Cube, T.I., or Jay-Z and talk about the finances and the real issues that affect black America, I think you could see a change in the electorate.”

Jones definitely got bashed on black twitter with people posting comments for Jones to keep Nipsey’s name out of his mouth. Take a look at the comments below as well as Jones interview and let us know what you think!

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