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Garbage Collector Finds Whale Vomit Worth Over $100,000



Garbage Collector Finds Whale Vomit Worth Over $100,000

One animal vomit is another man’s treasure as a garbage man finds over $100,000 worth of whale throw up!

A Thailand garbage collector is about to make some major money after finding an odd-looking piece of trash.

Somsak Boonrith happened to stumble upon a large, yellow, wax-like mound on Tarutao Island in Satun in Thailand finding out that it is actually ambergris, a stomach mixture that comes from sperm whales. If you’re still confused about what that is, its practically whale vomit!

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According to the daily mail, the nearly five-pound glob is worth £80,000, or roughly $102,768.

Now as disgusting as this may sound, ambergris is actually used in many perfumes that you spray on your body! When it comes to making this into a fragrance, it passes through many stages. When first regurgitated from the whale, it floats to the surface of the ocean giving off a  foul smell. Once it’s all dried out, the smell becomes sweet giving it a long-lasting effect that makes it a common ingredient in perfumes.

The Natural History Museum has called ambergris floating gold as it is unique in its ways and its’ costly uses.

While Boonrith is not 100 percent sure that his treasure is ambergris, he’s hoping that it is and reportedly plans to cash out on his findings to support his family!

“I used to be a fisherman but a storm destroyed my boat. Now I wander along the beach looking through rubbish trying to find valuable things,” he told the Daily Mail.

Adding, “I am willing to sell the chunk of whale vomit and buy a new boat to revive my career as a fisherman, because the earnings from rag picking was not enough to feed my family.’

Take a look at the pictures below and let us know what you think!

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