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Georgia Family Harasses And Attacks Two Black Female Soldiers


Georgia Family Harasses And Attacks Two Black Female Soldiers

An altercation between a white family and two black female soldiers occurred inside of a Cheddars restaurant in Macon, Georgia. A witness recorded the scene and the video became viral overnight.

According to the witness, Judy Tucker,71, and her son, Robbie, followed the two women inside of the restaurant from a parking lot on Saturday evening. The family called the two women “black b*tches” and made a comment saying “I didn’t know they allowed lesbians to serve”.

Tucker and her son confronted the two women while waiting to be seated by a hostess and the video begins from there. Tucker attempted to grab one of the soldier’s phone while yelling “Don’t you take a picture of me! You do not have the right to take a picture of me!”.The soldier yells to Tucker, “First of all, I’m pregnant!”

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Bystanders began to separate the family from attacking the two women. Tucker, Robbie, and Tucker’s daughter Angie were subsequently kicked out of the restaurant. Police arrested Tucker on a charge of simple battery and she was booked into Bibb County Jail.

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Tucker was released on bail and there was no further information about further arrests or pending court dates. The two black women in the video were not identified.

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