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Get The Perfect Holiday Beat With This Rihanna “Wild Thoughts” Inspired Makeup Look

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Get The Perfect Holiday Beat With This Rihanna “Wild Thoughts” Inspired Makeup Look

When can you ever wear a blue eye, a red lip, and green jewelry together? Only on the holidays or when Rihanna films a tutorial that totally gives you life! 

The queen and brains behind popular makeup brand Fenty, Rihanna, has taken to her Youtube for another tutorial just in time for the holidays.

In her latest video, she gave fans an in-depth look at how she accomplished her ever so daring “Wild Thoughts” makeup look which features a load of colors.

This week “Tutorial Tuesday” featured Riri only using three of her Fenty products to create this look which featured a pop of blue color on her eyes and red lips and of course accessorizing with color coordinated jewelry. Riri lets her fans know that all she is using is the Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Palette, with the iconic Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored and  Killawatt Highlighter in Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby.

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With the base of her makeup already done, Rihanna starts off by using her favorite crease color “Cumin get it” which she says is the perfect start to any eye look.

 “I love to start everything with that color — after that you can do anything,” she explains

She then follows that up by dabbing her shadow brush into “Evil Genie” which gives us that bold metallic blue across her lids from the inner corners to the outside of her eye. She then adds some definition to her crease with a navy color, “Souq It 2 Me” to add some more definition.

“I find using warms and cools together really is such a juxtaposition that it shows you the definition of the color,” she explains. “It pops the color if you just warm up around it. Even if I do a smoky eye, I always love just to warm up around the edge of it so it doesn’t come out of nowhere.”

She then goes into her Killawatt Highlighter pallet which she says that she “used it to death” when she first got the samples to define her brow bone a little more.

She then finishes up her look by grabbing one of the most popular lip shades in her Fenty collection “Uncensored” which is a fire engine red color and talks about the importance of starting in a specific place so your lip looks even.

“I usually like to start my lipstick right here in the middle, no matter if it’s lip gloss, lipstick, lip paint — there’s a certain hight to the top of the lip that you always want to be even, because if it’s not you always end up going over your lipstick over and over again so you always want to point this out. It’s a little bit like brows,”

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While she had on the green and gold accessories the entire video, it makes the look come together and is perfect for this upcoming holiday season.

Take a look at the video up top and let us know what you think!

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