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Get Your Munchies on With The New KFC Cheetos Sandwich


Get Your Munchies on With The New KFC Cheetos Sandwich

You can throw the new year new body resolution out of the window with this new sandwich that KFC is releasing.

If you ever needed that ultimate meal that you could only use when you have the munchies, this KFC sandwich will do the trick!

The chicken restaurant decided to team up with Cheetos to release a new Cheetos sandwich that takes the saying finger-licking good to a new level.

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This new recipe coats hand-breaded Extra Crispy Chicken Filet with their signature Cheetos sauce and topping the toasted bun with mayo and an extra layer of Cheetos.

Sounds good right? Well, residents in Greensboro and Raleigh, North Carolina, Roanoke and Richmond, Virginia, and Greenville, Georgia were the first to get their hands on it.

“Both KFC and Cheetos have dedicated fan bases loyal to each new creation,” a spokesperson for the chain said in a statement: “It only made sense to merge these two iconic brands together to provide an irresistible and flavorful sandwich that gives the best of both worlds.”

This is not the first time that KFC has released a specialty item. They have released a Chicken and Waffles and Pickle Fried Chicken and a hand full of other items.

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Take a look at the sandwich below courtesy of KFC.

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