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Girl Beaten To Death By Bullies Two Days After She Was Sent To Kung Fu School

Daily Mail/Asia Wire


Girl Beaten To Death By Bullies Two Days After She Was Sent To Kung Fu School

A six-year-old girl from central China has died after she was allegedly beaten to death by a group of bullies. She was sent to a kung fu school by her parents in order to lose weight.

According to the Daily Mail, Deng Qi,6, was enrolled at the famous Shaoshan Shaolin Temple Martial Arts School so she could lose weight. Two days after she was sent to the boarding school, her parents say she was beaten to death by bullies. The assault was captured on surveillance footage, showing a group of students punching and kicking Deng Qi repeatedly. Her father said he received a call around 10:20 a.m. saying that the six-year-old was sent to a local hospital. On his way to the ER, he received another call 40 minutes later that his daughter passed away.

The school said in a statement that there was no evidence to prove that Deng Qi was beaten to death and the school footage shows a group of students carrying her down a flight of stairs. They added that she did not have any issues with students or staff.

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However, her father told local news that he saw something different on camera since Deng Qio had bruises on her face:

      ‘The camera was very far away from our daughter, but it looked like someone had pushed her over, kicked her and punched her. Her face was purple and there was bruising on her stomach,’

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The school’s director says that Deng Qi passed out while playing with other students and that her parents’ accusations are completely false. The investigation is currently ongoing.

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