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Giving You A Sneak Peek Of The Harriet Tubman Biopic

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Giving You A Sneak Peek Of The Harriet Tubman Biopic

Cynthia Erivo brings Harriet Tubman to life in the new biopic “Harriet” directed by Kasi Lemmons.

Harriet Tubman is a major figure in the history being a strong black woman who escaped slavery to then return as the most powerful “conductor” on the underground railroad.

Kasi Lemmons, the director of the biopic “Harriet” set out to tell the story of the work Tubman did by bringing on British actress Cynthia Erivo who portrayed this historic figure.

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In the film, Erivo depicts Tubman through the evolution of her becoming a slave, to escaping to freedom, to then returning to save hundreds more and becoming a major figure in the fight for slavery, women’s suffrage and in the civil war. 

In the biopic, Lemmons adds phrases like “live free or die” as well as the instruction to “follow the northern star to get to freedom” which were known to be used by Harriet during her escape to freedom.

Actor Leslie Odon Jr. Portrays William Still who also played a major role in getting slaves to freedom. Still was known as one of the creators of the underground railroad being a free man and chairman of the anti-slavery society in Pennsylvania. In the film, we learn more about him understanding that he kept copious notes of slaves that had escaped in order to reunite them with family members later down the line.

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This biopic is a great one for the family as it shows the history of African Americans in the US who were enslaved as well as the amazing woman who helped free so many of them.

Take a look at the trailer below and let us know what you think!

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