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Grandmother Arrested For Slapping Her Granddaughter With A Slipper


Grandmother Arrested For Slapping Her Granddaughter With A Slipper

A Florida grandmother who was tired of seeing her granddaughter in the bed all day was arrested after slapping her in the face with a slipper.

Daytona Beach police arrested Hattie Reynolds,95, on May 5th for battery and she spent the night in jail. Reynolds explained to police that her 46-year-old granddaughter, Janeen Williams, refused to get out of bed, started swearing and screaming at Reynolds. Reynolds yelled back at her granddaughter and slapped Williams in the face with a slipper.

Reynolds contacted police and told them that her granddaughter refuses to cooperate.

“I can’t … get her out from my bed. I ain’t got nothing to pay bill on air condition all the time for her to go into the room.”

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Williams told police that Reynolds confronted her first and other details in the police report revealed that Reynolds and Williams are not living together. Furthermore, the slipper did not cause Williams any injury.

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The police were hesitant to arrest Reynolds but based on Florida’s domestic violence laws, an arrest is required. Their reasoning was due to Williams not pressing charges and Reynolds was not viewed as a threat.

Reynolds was released by a judge and was back at home within a day on May 9.

Meanwhile, check out these slippers in the gallery below.

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