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Grandmother Sues Strip Troupe After Dancer Allegedly Blinded Her During Routine

Metro UK


Grandmother Sues Strip Troupe After Dancer Allegedly Blinded Her During Routine

A South African grandma has filed a lawsuit against a male strip troupe after one of their dancers allegedly blinded her during a routine in 2014.

Metro UK reports Merle Groenewald,58, was visiting London with her girlfriends when they decided to watch a strip show at Rise Nightclub. Groenewald was sitting in the front row during a performance by the Dreamboys when one of the dancers ‘ripped off his clothes’ and accidentally hit her in the eyes. She says the incident left her temporarily blind in her right eye and permanently blind in her left eye.

The lawsuit details that Groenewald is suing the strip troupe for approximately  $170,000 because they failed to make sure that there was enough space between the performers and the audience.

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Dreamboys London Ltd has denied the claims and said even if one of their strippers caused an injury, Groenewald will not receive a payout.

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Court documents state that the Cape Town grandmother was sitting at arm’s length during the performance.

‘As part of this act, one of the performers flicked his trousers, which he had taken off as part of the show, towards the audience, but part of the trousers, or part of an attachment to, the trousers caught Mrs Groenewald in the eyes and caused her to suffer injury.’

A court date has not been set for the lawsuit.


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