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Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele Speaks Out Following Sweater Controversy

The extra-terrestrial, Alessandro Michele.


Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele Speaks Out Following Sweater Controversy

Its’ been about a week since the Gucci fiasco, and the creative director is finally coming out to say something about it all!

Last week, Gucci was hit with major criticism after they released a turtleneck sweater that featured a design that looked similar to that of Blackface.

While the company has released an apology, the Creative Director, Alessandro Michele is just now stepping out to share a statement to his colleagues.

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“It’s important for me to let you know that the jumper actually had very specific references, completely different from what was ascribed instead,” Michele writes to his colleagues in a memo shared on Fashionista.

“It was a tribute to Leigh Bowery, to his camouflage art, to his ability to challenge the bourgeois conventions and conformism, to his eccentricity as a performer, to his extraordinary vocation to masquerade meant as a hymn to freedom.

He continues to talk about how once the sweater was released, and the imagery was placed impeoples mind, he was not pleased.

“The fact that, contrarily to my intentions, that turtle-neck jumper evoked a racist imagery causes me the greatest grief. But I am aware that sometimes our actions can end up with causing unintentional effects. It is therefore necessary taking full accountability for these effects.”

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Michele ends his statement by saying that he is very sorry and he understands the need for diversity.

“I really shelter the suffer of all I have offended. And I am heartfully sorry for this hurt. I hope I can rely on the understanding of those who know me and can acknowledge the constant tension towards the celebration of diversity that has always shaped my work. This is the only celebration I’m willing to stand for.”

Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri also sent a memo to his team saying

“We made a mistake. A big one. Because of cultural ignorance, but ignorance is not an excuse. And we accept responsibility for this mistake. Yet there is no way of thinking nor believing that this could have ever been intentional.”

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