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Gun-Toting Grandmother Tells Burglar “I’m Gonna Blow Your Brains Out”

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Gun-Toting Grandmother Tells Burglar “I’m Gonna Blow Your Brains Out”

An Atlanta grandmother took matters into her own hands when a home intruder broke into her home.

According to the Daily Mail, Gwendolyn Agard,79, was relaxing inside of her Jackson County home when she noticed Hans E. Rodgers trying to open her front door on February 12. Agard said Rodgers entered her home through a window after finding an outside set of stairs to the second floor of her home. After contacting police, Agard decided to scare off Rodgers when she grabbed her .38 pistol and opened fire.

“I said, ‘if you come in here, I’m going to blow your (expletive) brains out.’ 

Rodgers started to throw household items down the stairs then moved towards Agard when she grabbed her .45 pistol to fire another warning shot. She told him ‘When you come down them stairs, I’m gonna blow your [expletive] brains out’.’

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Rodgers surrendered and hid inside of a closet when police arrived at Agard’s home. He was charged with burglary, home invasion, and criminal trespass.

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Agard added that she was protecting one of her clients during the attempted robbery since she works as a caretaker.


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