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Gym Teacher Fired For Playing Fortnite With His Students

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Gym Teacher Fired For Playing Fortnite With His Students

A Brooklyn middle school physical education teacher was fired after he played Fortnite with his students as a reward for their hard work in class.

The Daily Mail reports Brett Belsky, 30, was fired from his teaching position at MS 890 after administrators discovered he told students to add his username ‘The Belsky” last January. In March, he played with two students, aged 11 and 12, for 20 minutes. One of the students told his father about Belsky’s reward for good work and the parent called the school to file a complaint and Belsky was fired.

Belsky said the gameplay between himself and the students were not inappropriate because he wanted to motivate them to do better in class.

“This game is insanely popular with them. I have to figure out a way to reach these kids, to get them to do their work. I love what I do. I am a good teacher,”

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A statement from the Special Commissioner of Investigation for the NYC Department of Education said Belsky did not follow social media rules enforced by the district’s policies.

However, Belsky stated he asked for parental permission before giving his username to the students.

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His union rep says people can have the wrong impression and Belsky plans to appeal his firing.

Press play to learn some facts about the game in the video below.


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