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Half Of Americans Confess To Using A Swimming Pool Instead Of Showering


Half Of Americans Confess To Using A Swimming Pool Instead Of Showering

Most Americans have confessed to immediately jumping into a swimming pool instead of showering after exercising or doing housework as revealed by a survey.

CBS News reports that more than half of adults in the U.S. has confessed to jumping into a swimming pool in place of taking a shower after exercising or doing yard work. However, the people who participated in the survey were also aware that pool chemicals do not eliminate the need to take a shower or bath. Dr.Clint Wiant, chair of the Water Quality & Health Council, said in a statement emphasized that it is important to bathe before entering a swimming pool:

“When dirt, sweat, personal care products, and other things on our bodies react with chlorine, there is less chlorine available to kill germs. Rinsing off for just one minute removes most of the dirt, sweat, or anything else on your body.”

The online survey was taken by 3,100 American adults and was conducted by Sachs Media Group. The survey also revealed that over 40 percent of adults urinate in pools, eliminating the amount of germ-killing chemicals in pools.

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The CDC urges all recreational swimmers not urinate in pools and to avoid entering pools if they are experiencing diarrhea. However, some Americans have confessed to swimming in a pool within an hour of having diarrhea.

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What do you think of this survey? Are you going to visit the pool this summer? Let us know and check out this video of some swimming pool facts.


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