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Harvey Weinstein Demands Ashley Judd’s Lawsuit Be Put on Hold



Harvey Weinstein Demands Ashley Judd’s Lawsuit Be Put on Hold

Harvey Weinstein Demands Ashley Judd’s Lawsuit Be Put on Hold

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Harvey Weinstein does not plan on being involved in Ashley Judd‘s civil lawsuit and announces that he will use the fifth amendment if forced to testify.

The disgraced movie mogul is requesting that the judge put the case on hold until the outcome of his criminal case is revealed.

According to The Blast, Weinstein’s lawyer wrote in court documents that,

“Weinstein should not be forced to decide between being prejudiced in this civil litigation, if he asserts his Fifth Amendment privilege, or being prejudiced in criminal litigation, if he waives that privilege in this case.”

“Accordingly, this action should be stayed as Weinstein is presently under criminal indictment for sexual assault and sexual misconduct, and is the subject and/or target of other ongoing criminal investigations arising from alleged conduct similar to that underlying this action.”

“It is well-settled that a civil action should be stayed pending a related criminal action involving similar conduct where the defendant risks incrimination. Here, given the overlap between the criminal and civil matters, a stay is warranted as Weinstein is unable to respond to the factual allegations of Plaintiff’s First Amended Complaint, respond to or participate in the discovery process, or otherwise litigate this matter, without invocation of his constitutional rights against self-incrimination.”

As we reported, Judd claims Weinstein sabotaged her career after she rejected his sexual advances. She is suing for sexual harassment and defamation. The damages are unspecified.

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