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High School Superintendent Suspended For Pulling VP’s Pants Down In Public


High School Superintendent Suspended For Pulling VP’s Pants Down In Public

An Ohio High School superintendent has been suspended for pulling the pants of a School Board Vice President.

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According to reports, Superintendent Charles Keenan was suspended for 10 days without pay after pulling down Vice President Michael White’s pants during Maple Heights High School’s football game in August.

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The incident was caught on surveillance camera showing Keenan approaching White from the behind yanking his pants down.

Keenan told Fox8 that he was sincerely sorry and meant no harm and was being playful and didn’t intend to pull White’s pants all the way down.

“I immediately apologized. I think initially we were both in shock.”

The school boards President, Pamela Crews described the situation as going ‘awry’.

“It was really such a situation that went awry. We just want to get back to the kids; that is our focus, so we just want to get past all of this and move forward.”

Reportedly, the incident happened before the football game leaving less of a public outrage from locals and other High School faculty and staff.

High School staff that have been in trouble.

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