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High School Teachers Suspended For Discussing Students In Racist Group Chat

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High School Teachers Suspended For Discussing Students In Racist Group Chat

Six Alabama high school educators were suspended after a student discovered their group chats and leaked them on social media.

Blavity reported the six teachers from Ashford High School participated in a group chat called “ Bad A** B’s” where they speculated about a female student being pregnant and her sex life since she was know to be very quiet. The disturbing texts  included calling a former student the n-word and discussed other students sex lives.

Other messages revealed how one teacher wanted to slap a person named “RK” but it was unclear if “RK” was a student or a school staff member.

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A statement was released by the Houston County School Board stating that the six teachers are currently on paid leave. Superintendent David Sewell said the board is currently looking into more evidence surrounding the case.

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“There are a lot of gray areas when it comes to anything that takes place on a cell, I hate that it happened. We try to put policies and procedures in place to make sure things like this don’t happen. We’ll go back and try to reinforce.”


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