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Hiker Rescued Via Helicopter In Viral Video Thought She Was Going To Die


Hiker Rescued Via Helicopter In Viral Video Thought She Was Going To Die

The injured female hiker who was rescued in Arizona said she thought she was “going to die” when the helicopter spun her multiple times.

NBC News reports 74-year-old Katalin Metro was rescued after she tripped and fell on a rock while hiking with her husband, George, at Piestewa Peak. The fall caused Katalin to break her nose, and she fractured her leg and hand. She was rescued via helicopter and placed inside of a Bauman Bag and Stokes Basket. As the helicopter lifted her up, Katalin started spinning rapidly.

George said he watched in horror as his wife was reportedly spun 174 times and she felt nauseated for two days after the incident.

“The blood was going to her head and eyeballs. The first thing she said was, ‘I’m glad I’m alive. She thought she was going to die when she was spinning.”

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Pheonix Police Air Unit lead pilot Paul Apolinar said that his crew only experienced 2 out of 210 rescues that dealt with the unexpected spinning. He added that his crew is usually prepared for incidents like this.

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Press play to check out the spinning footage below and let us know your thoughts.


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