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Civil Rights Investigator Fired After Calling Black People ‘Low-Lives Of Society’ In Video

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Civil Rights Investigator Fired After Calling Black People ‘Low-Lives Of Society’ In Video

An Ohio civil rights investigator was fired after a restaurant video captured the woman saying she “hated black people” and called them “low-lives of society.”

The Atlanta Star reports that Julia Acosta-Grommon was attending a friend’s birthday celebration on Aug.29 at Elsa’s Corner Cantina in Sugarcreek Township. Witnesses said Acosta-Grommon had two beers before the black bartender, Ryan Collins, checked into their shift around 4 p.m. The bartender said Acosta-Grommon and her friend began to yell in the venue despite several people asking them to lower their voices.

Afterward, the bartender spoke to the manager about the investigator’s behavior and was told to take the drink away from her. Acosta-Grommon allegedly said to the bartender “this is why I hare Black people” and told him that he  “never be more than a black piece of *bleep* bartender.” He asked Acosta-Grommon and her friend to leave but she continued to spur more racist rhetoric towards Collins.

“Black people are the low-lives of society, and it’s for that reason I don’t have to listen to a black piece of (expletive) like you”

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After she was escorted out of the bar, Acosta-Grommon said she hoped Collins approaches a “cross burning” in his front yard once he returns home from his shift.

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The city of Dayton fired Acosta-Grommon in mid-September after Collins filed a complaint with city investigators along with video evidence and witness statements.

Press play to learn more in the video below.



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