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Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored: “Mario Batali Has Been Swinging All Types Of Linguini”


Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored: “Mario Batali Has Been Swinging All Types Of Linguini”

Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored on Dash Radio is back for another episode. This week all your favorite #Uncensored hosts have returned, Jason Lee, the ‘curve queen’ Melyssa Ford and even Giovanni is back for our all hosts show!

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This week our hosts get into all the crazy hot topics and drama that has been going on in the world.

With Gio being way, Jason and Melyssa clarifying to our followers that we do love Gio, and his army……then Jason suggest if Gio could be gay for a year after his recent break-up. PAUSE.

Let’s jump into our hot-topics, the news has been packed this week. One topic that has been flooding social media is Keaton Jones and his heart-wrenching video, that had celebrities and influencers all over feeling sympathetic. Now, everything backfired, when his mother was trying to solicit money. Let’s not forget her confederate flag pictures. #Socialites what do you think, Melyssa sure didn’t buy it!

It get’s juicier when Jason reveals a little sticky situation when someone was trying to expose him! Don’t come for J! Speaking of sticky situations, everyone has been tried over sexual harassment lawsuits, including Russell Simmons. Do we believe all the people are guilty? The list keeps growing!

We can’t leave off without getting stuck into Remy Ma and Azealia Banks’ online beef. Including Remy releasing texts that showcased Banks’ genital area. Not to mention, that she claimed she wanted vaginal rejuvenation…Melyssa definitely thinks no 26-year-old needs ‘rejuvenation’ unless they are getting a ‘beating’. Tune in this week to get all the tea!

#PressPlay above to find out if our hosts have done anything crazy to pay a bill.

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