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Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored:Jason Lee Has A Special Gift For Melyssa Ford


Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored:Jason Lee Has A Special Gift For Melyssa Ford

Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored on Dash Radio is back with your favorite #uncensored hosts, Jason Lee, Melyssa Ford A.K.A the “Curve Queen,” and Giovanni Watson.

The ‘curve queen’ Melyssa is back this week after traveling the world and visiting her mom. We have definitely missed her. AND Jason has a surprise gift for Mel……Nicki Minaj’s sold out MAC set, exclusively from her event. Now you know Gio was tryna’ get some of that.

Our guests get into their weekend recap, including Gio booking a role on ‘Black Jesus’, Melyssa’s worldwide trip and Jason’s upcoming business ventures. It’s good to have everyone back in their hot seats.

Hot Topics

It wouldn’t be uncensored with our hot topics. This week our hosts delve into how social media in the industry emasculates black men to boost their following up. Today’s influencers resort to their female counterparts to make it on social media. For example, Blame it on Kway and Joanne The Scammer.

With the tragic incident that happened in Las Vegas, our guests discuss how the massacre was an act of ‘terrorism’, however society doesn’t label the shooter as a terrorist because of his race.

Staying on topic of US news, our hosts can’t leave Donald Trump’s visit to Puerto Rico unscathed. Yes, the time where he compared the disaster to previous hurricanes and was seen throwing toilet paper at the citizens.


Press Play above to see this weeks episode of uncensored and stay tuned next week, you never know who might show up.


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