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Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored: Giovanni, ” I Gave My Resume To 50 Cent At Playhouse”


Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored: Giovanni, ” I Gave My Resume To 50 Cent At Playhouse”

This week Hollywood Unlocked UNCENSORED is back for another juicy episode, as our favorite hosts, Jason Lee, Melyssa Ford and Giovanni dive into this weeks hot topics.

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Our hosts had quite the interesting weekend recap, including a special sit-down dinner with the only and only hip hop mogul 50 Cent. Yes, they were sat down with Mr. G-Unit himself for a four hour dinner, where the rapper revealed that he told The writers of “Power” to make him the most evil character on the show. Apparently, 50 even opened up about his social media antics towards Diddy and Rick Ross!

Now Gio may not have had a seat at the table for that dinner, but, he reminisces about that one time he ran into 50, and decided to hand him his acting resume at the club, and 50 took it!

Gio has more to reveal, including the new younger lady he has been spotted with and their sex life! Well, we’re glad to see him dating again, even if he explicitly tells us what sex is like with a younger woman! Speaking of sex, the show becomes 50 shades more uncensored when Melyssa reveals that she bought two pairs of leg irons to handcuff her hands and ankles. We wonder what could be happening here?!

Press Play above for a crazy hosts episode and stay tuned for our special guest!

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