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Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored: “What’s With Blac Chyna Dating 14 Year Old Rappers?”


Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored: “What’s With Blac Chyna Dating 14 Year Old Rappers?”

This week Hollywood Unlocked UNCENSORED is back for another juicy episode, as our favorite hosts, Jason Lee, Melyssa Ford and Giovanni get into some crazy hot topics!

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It’s been  a while since all three of our hosts were together, it’s good to have them reunited and Gio seems to have encountered some type of mysterious cough….

Maybe, it’s from the crazy weekend we all had celebrating the champ Floyd Mayweather’s 41st birthday! You know the one where Mariah Carey, Bobby Brown and Jamie Foxx pulled up to!

Our hosts dive straight into hot topics, including Blac Chyna’s new man of the week YBN Almighty Jay, who is in fact a teenager. Chyna has been paving the way for a few young men’s careers lately! What is it with young rappers dating vixens to gain clout!

It wouldn’t be Uncensored if our hosts didn’t touch on the serious events that have occurred in the past few weeks, including the horrific massacre at the Parkland Florida school, where Nikolas Cruz left 17 people dead. Why is is it that those who are responsible for these multiple mass shootings are not labeled as “terrorists?” Our hosts get right into that debate, including Donald Trump’s comments on how he would have ran into the school to stop the shooter. What is the solution to combat further violence?

Press play above to tune into this week’s episode of hot topics and crazy weekend recaps!

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