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Hollywood Unlocked UNCENSORED:Jason Lee Reveals He Likes To “Build-A-Boo”


Hollywood Unlocked UNCENSORED:Jason Lee Reveals He Likes To “Build-A-Boo”

Hollywood Unlocked UNCENSORED: Jason Lee Reveals He Likes To “Build-A-Boo”

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This week Jason is finally back from Wild’N’Out, however, we are missing some familiar faces! Giovanni has left the show and Melyssa has yet to return, but, we have a special surprise coming in the next few shows!

For this week’s hilarious episode, we are joined by Jason’s very close friends, Rob Smith and Lee Charms and the man behind all of our crazy hot topics, Kelvin Eunique!

Rob and Lee reveal what it is like being the “thot” friends on the trips they take together and the extravagant adventures with Jason. Lee also reveals that Jason likes to “Build-A-Boo,” he tends to go for guys who are good looking but with no sense of style or financial stability. However, once he’s involved they will be ready for the next red carpet event! However, nobody is safe, if they mess up they will be right back on the plane to wherever they were from!

#Socialites this is one reckless episode, Press Play above and find out what else Lee and Rob have yet to reveal!

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