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#HollywoodUnlockedUncensored: Confessions “I Post Woah Vicky And Baby Tyrone To Bother People”


#HollywoodUnlockedUncensored: Confessions “I Post Woah Vicky And Baby Tyrone To Bother People”

Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored is back for another episode. This week all your favorite #Uncensored hosts Jason Lee, the ‘curve queen’ Melyssa Ford are back for a crazy hosts episode! Giovanni is missing in action but we’re sure to hear from his army.

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After last weeks crazy show, where a gun was brandished our hosts are ready to get back to regular taping…..we may have to invest in some security however!

Recapping on last week, it’s clear our hosts are not in favor of Boonk’s crazy antics and he will not be returning to the show anytime soon.

However, it does open the doors for discussion. Why do we make people like Boonk and Woah Vicky famous on Instagram, after all we are responsible or giving them clout. Jason reveals that as unfortunate as it is, we post Woah Vicky because it bothers people and her antics drive engagement.

Speaking of hot topics, Jason was just in Hawaii, just a few days before the missile alert that left the whole state in panic thinking they had to fight for their lives! What would you do? After all as Melyssa calls him, our ” Hot Cheeto” in charge has a lot of countries ready to push that button!

Hot topics are on fire this week and nothing goes unscathed, from our Cheeto in charge chasing a porn star in his undies to crazy weekend recaps. Tune in and just wait to see who might be taking the hot seat on our next show!


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