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#HollywoodUnlockedUncensored: “Would You Stay With Your Man If He Had Sex With Another Woman?”


#HollywoodUnlockedUncensored: “Would You Stay With Your Man If He Had Sex With Another Woman?”

Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored is back for another episode. This week all your favorite #Uncensored hosts Jason Lee, the ‘curve queen’ Melyssa Ford are back for a crazy hosts episode, and even Gio is back in the building! We’re glad to have him and his army back!

This week our hosts get into crazy hot topics, including the shutdown of the government! Now, what exactly does that mean!? Does Donald Trump leave office and put his feet up?  Well, not quite but our hosts get into quite the discussion!

Speaking of debates, the #MeToo movement has sparked different opinions from all over, does wearing a black dress to the awards really make a difference? Find out what our hosts thought today!

Moving on! Jason takes a trip down memory lane, to the time he kinda, sorta had a kid…..well, it was his brother, Paul. Now, we guess one day Paul decided to set the neighborhood on fire from the 101 back to the house…now it all makes sense!

It wouldn’t be hot topics without relationship talk! One singing beauty that sparked controversy was Ciara with her comments in regards to her marriage to Russell Wilson! #Socialites is it true? Are you wife material in the first moment or over time? What a debate!

Make sure you tune in, as no topic goes unscathed!


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