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#HollywoodUnlockedUncensored: Laz Alonso Gets Uncensored About Colorism


#HollywoodUnlockedUncensored: Laz Alonso Gets Uncensored About Colorism

Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored is back for another episode. This week all your favorite the ‘curve queen’ Melyssa Ford takes the lead with Gio as Jason is on his wild adventure! We are joined by the one and only Laz Alonso!

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He had so much fun last time, he decided to take another shot, but, this time as our guest host! And Laz definitely has a lot to say! This week the show is full of testosterone, but, Melyssa got it covered!

We get back on new years resolutions and Laz had an interesting one, not going on social media until after 12pm. These days it is almost impossible to stay away from social media, we give it to him! What’s the longest you could go without social media?

Laz dives into hot topics, including touching on an important subject about being Cuban, but, mainly identified as black. He opens up about the plight of the black Latino, and how he draws similarities with Cam’ron’s ex Juju and Amara La Negra. He brings attention to the products of colonization and how we feel less united due to this and the history of color-ism.

He adds, ” You are your race first, your DNA first”

This is definitely both an interesting and educational episode, and you don’t want to miss what Laz has to say! Nothing goes unscathed when it’s uncensored!



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