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#HollywoodUnlockedUncensored: Melyssa Ford Got Jokes! “Gio You’ve Had Your Feet Up In The Air!”


#HollywoodUnlockedUncensored: Melyssa Ford Got Jokes! “Gio You’ve Had Your Feet Up In The Air!”

Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored is back for another episode. This week all your favorite #Uncensored hosts Jason Lee, the ‘curve queen’ Melyssa Ford and even Giovanni are back for a crazy hosts episode!

The holidays are over and our uncensored hosts are back, and it was definitely an eventful break. Jason globe-trotted to Hawaii, Melyssa got more than she bargained for at a fitness convention and Giovanni finally admits to the wrongdoings in his relationship!

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Our hosts have been busy over the holidays, including Jason who took a vacay to Hawaii with a mysterious boo. Yes, it’s been a mystery to us, but I’m sure we’ll find out.

Then Giovanni drops a bomb on us! He admits why his long term relationship came to an end, and how his girl found out. This is a crazy one, even for the Gio army!

This weeks hot topics are insane! From the crazy fiasco that H&M caused, branding a young boy as ‘coolest monkey in the jungle” to Cardi B and Offset’s relationship among cheating rumors! You don’t want to miss what our hosts have to say this week! They’re recharged and ready!

#PressPlay to find out what Gio did and stay tuned for next weeks guest, who turns the studio upside down!

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