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Homeless Man Throws Bucket Of Hot Diarrhea At Woman



Homeless Man Throws Bucket Of Hot Diarrhea At Woman

Homeless Man Throws Bucket Of Hot Diarrhea At Woman

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A Los Angeles woman was left traumatized after a homeless man threw a bucket of steaming hot diarrhea on her by the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Heidi Van Tassel recalls that she was getting into her car after spending an evening with friends at a restaurant, when a homeless man, identified as, Jere Blessings, dragged her into the middle of the street and then poured the disgusting contents on her.

“It was diarrhea. Hot liquid,” she said to NBC4. “I was soaked, and it was coming off my eyelashes and into my eyes.”

The paramedics who treated her said that the diarrhea “looked like the man was saving it up for a month.”

She was quickly taken to the hospital to be cleaned up and tested for diseases.

The homeless man was arrested and sent to a residential home where he would be treated for his mental health issues. He was released in August which worries Van Tassel.

“What’s the next thing he’s going to do to somebody?” she added. “If he would’ve had a knife, for sure he would’ve stabbed me.”


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