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Hospital Forced Sisters To Take Man Who Was Not Their Brother Off Of Life Support



Hospital Forced Sisters To Take Man Who Was Not Their Brother Off Of Life Support

Two Chicago women took their “brother” off of life support a month after they were told by police that he was viciously assaulted and unrecognizable. They found out that their real brother is alive and well after making funeral arrangements.

According to the Daily Mail, Rosie Brooks received a phone call from Mercy Hospital and was told that her brother, Alfonso Bennett, was in intensive care on May 13. The hospital told Brooks that the Chicago Police Department identified the man as her brother after he was severely beaten and found naked on April 29 in the South Side.

Brooks and her sister, Brenda Bennett-Johnson, went to the hospital to check on their brother but said they weren’t too sure after police told them he was on life support.

‘They kept saying CPD identified this person as our brother,’

Police did not use fingerprints to identify the man but used his mugshot due to budget cuts.

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Since his condition worsened, the sisters agreed to take him off of life support. After his death, they made funeral arrangements but received a phone call from their sister, Yolanda, that their brother was actually alive. Alfonso visited one of the sisters a visit and now the family wants answers.

‘We made all kinds of decisions on someone that wasn’t our family.’

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The man was later identified by fingerprints and the hospital says the sister did claim that he was their brother. The incident is currently being investigated by the Chicago Police Department.

Press play to learn more about the case in the video clip below.




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