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How to Сopy Нour Favorite Celebrity’s Style… And Stay Yourself

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How to Сopy Нour Favorite Celebrity’s Style… And Stay Yourself

How to Сopy Нour Favorite Celebrity’s Style… And Stay Yourself

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Our personal style consists of individual preferences as well as the looks we borrow from someone else’s style. Looking for ideas, you either can spy on designer clothing websites or tag along with your favorite celebrities on Instagram to copycat their style. The last method is very effective. However, you should be reasonable in emulating their looks because stylish mess-ups happen even with high-profile celebrities. When copying someone’s style, you should do it subtly, bearing in mind your lifestyle, your own body, and, of course, the situation. Otherwise, you risk looking funny or ridiculous. That is why we suggest that you pay attention to details of the celebrity’s image rather than replicate the whole concrete look.

Don’t lose your individuality

The idea of learning from the celebrity’s style is in improving your own one, not losing it in someone else’s identity. You stop being yourself if you replicate someone’s look from head to toe. Not to mention that this makeover will cost you thousands of dollars and many days to find and buy the exact things. You better take one element from her look (which you like most), find an affordable substitute, and supplement it with what you already have in your wardrobe. If it is a dress, look for something in the same style but in a different color or fabric.

Find your signature accessors

Many celebrities became recognizable due to their signature accessories. For example, Harry Styles and his bandanas, Enrique Iglesias and his baseball caps, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and her felt hats. The benefit of an accessory is that, unlike your favorite shirt, you can wear it almost every day, combining with different parts of clothes. If you don’t know what can be your signature accessory, think about your unique factor. What part of your look gets praised by your friends or colleagues most often? Your bag collection, jewelry, glasses, or, maybe, scarves?

Save your face

Literally and figuratively. When you copy your favorite celebrity’s trendy makeup, think about how you look and how you feel in this “mask”. The makeup doesn’t have to become your second face. The point is to try the techniques, but not to copy someone’s face. The same refers to hair styling. Dutch braids popularized by the Kardashian-Jenner clan don’t fit justevery type of hair or face.

Mind the situation

Most of the time, we get to see celebrities when they dazzle in front of cameras in their most luxurious look. If red carpets and glamorous events don’t happen too often in your life (if it happens at all), you have to be extra careful dressing like your favorite fashionista if the event isn’t worth the chic. Smokey eyes, low cut dress, and high hills are simply not comme il faut on a picnic, your parent’s birthday, and many other events you attend most of the time.

The secret of looking classy is to learn from celebrities who get access to the best stylists of the world and never wear things that make you feel incongruous or unconfident.

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