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HU Exclusive: Hollywood Unlocked Holiday Apparel Is Finally Here!!!


HU Exclusive: Hollywood Unlocked Holiday Apparel Is Finally Here!!!

Get into the holiday spirit with the first batch of Hollywood Unlocked Apparel!

Hollywood Unlocked has become a major platform for all entertainment news content.

Along with Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored, Jason Lee and his team have been working hard to continue to expand the brand. The team did just that as we have expanded our brand to now include apparel!

This season, HU Apparel is putting out their holiday collection items that are sure to have you looking fly!

HU Apparel has 10 amazing designs with unique sayings that will have your friends asking where you got your look from.

Now, what better way to celebrate this launch than to give a portion of the proceeds to an amazing cause. 10% of each sale will go to Trina’s Kids Foundation which empowers underprivileged youth!

In addition to giving back, for a select time only, ALL shipping with these products will be FREE!

Let’s take a look at each of the pieces!

1. “Dat Way”

This first saying comes in three different colors including, black, red, and white. The style variety of “Dat Way” includes a hoodie, a crewneck sweatshirt, and a t-shirt.  Not only would the Migos love the saying on this piece, but it also features everyone’s favorite Christmas frenemy, Mr. Grinch hitting the folks with a strong dab! This piece is sure to be a crowd pleaser at every Ugly Christmas Sweater party!

Hollywood Unlocked Apparel

2. “Good Vibes Only”

The second look also comes in two different colors. You have the option of both black or grey coming in the form of a hoodie, a crewneck sweatshirt, or a t-shirt. Being that this is a Christmas sweater, the writing comes in form of a candy cane! The perfect sweet treat to help you get lucky under the mistletoe!

Hollywood Unlocked Apparel

3. “Snowpreme”

All sneakerheads and hype beasts know firsthand about the clothing brand Supreme. But, it’s Christmas and were HU Apparel, so we’re introducing “Snowpreme”! This design comes in two colors including black and white on a crewneck sweatshirt or t-shirt. And staying true to the holiday spirit, this piece features a modern-day snowman equipped with a backward dad cap and hair.

Hollywood Unlocked Apparel

4. “Whippin’ Santa Sled, Rudolph Nose Is Red”

This Lil Uzi Vert-inspired design comes in all white and three different options of cut including a hoodie, crew sweatshirt, or t-shirt. On the front, you will see a merge of the popular rapper with of course a Christmas reindeer sitting on top of some holiday bars for the hip-hop lovers..

5. “Sleigh My Name”

It isn’t Christmas if we don’t pay homage to Beyonce and Destiny’s Child! This piece features a fierce Beyonce-inspired reindeer with an HU Apparel twist to it! This design also comes with three different options including a hoodie, crew sweatshirt, and t-shirt.

Hollywood Unlocked Apparel

6. “Ho Ho Ho B***hes”

HO HO HO is always the saying that everyone knows to associate with Christmas, but we added an HU Apparel touch by draping the words in Christmas lights and of course everyone’s favorite word, “b***hes”! This design is printed on all white in three different cut selections including a hooded sweatshirt, a crew sweatshirt, and a t-shirt.

Hollywood Unlocked Apparel

7. “Slay”

SLAYYYYY has become the word of the year so what better way to celebrate the holiday than to have a play on words with “slay” actually being attached to well, a sleigh! This look comes in an all grey color and three options of cuts including a hooded sweatshirt, crew sweatshirt, and t-shirt.

Hollywood Unlocked Apparel

7. “Oh No Santa! What Is You Dooinnn?”

Santa has always been known to go down the chimney, but did you ever think, well what if the fireplace is on? We mixed the idea of Santa having an uh-oh moment with 2017’s popular tagline, “Oh no baby. What is you doin?” to bring you the perfect piece for the Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Coming in an all-black option and again two different cuts.

Hollywood Unlocked Apparel

8. “The Plug”

Let everyone who the plug is this Christmas and wear the sweater that will do all the talking for you. This design comes in a green crewneck and features a play on words with an actual plug!

Hollywood Unlocked Apparel

10. “Santa’s Little Helpers”

We have all seen the infamous Paper magazine cover featuring  Nicki Minaj in a menage a trois with herself. Well what better way to make up for how naughty you’ve been this year than to be one of “Santa’s Little Helpers”? This design comes with a pink crew neck option and is perfect for everyone!

Hollywood Unlocked Apparel

Take a look at all of the pieces below again and remember shipping is free only for a limited time! Get your order in today!

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