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HU Exclusive: From Homeless To Signed Artist, Meet Nick Cannon’s Ncredible Records Singer Natalie Nichole

Natalie Nichole Ncredible artist


HU Exclusive: From Homeless To Signed Artist, Meet Nick Cannon’s Ncredible Records Singer Natalie Nichole

Meet Natalie Nichole, Ncredible Records newest talent!

On January 3, 2017 Nick Cannon debuted to social media his #SignMeToNcredible Challenge, inviting artists across the world to audition online for a chance to become the newest talent at his own Ncredible Records.

Just days later, on the 14th the invite made its way in front of the eyes of the label’s next artist on the rise, Natalie Nichole, a soulful R&B singer/songwriter/actress from Texas with an eclectic musical background, who was living out of her mother’s car.

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Prior to her discovery by Mr. Ncredible himself, Natalie and her mother moved to Los Angeles from San Antonio, by way of Lubbock, for an acting gig, but quickly found herself homeless after her mother lost her job in a city whose cost of living wasn’t too friendly.

While sitting with Natalie, she explained how she and her mom “pimped out” her mother’s car, flipping the back seats down to rest in sleeping bags, and placing food inside cooled backpacks for survival.

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The breakdown.

Fast forward ten months, Natalie came across Nick’s challenged, auditioned and quickly found herself within the top four finalists, and finally, the grand prize winner.

After the news, she immediately flew to New York to record with Nick Cannon on his album, where she sung ad-libs on various tracks and created a couple songs of her own.

When asked what it’s like working with Nick, getting feedback, etc., she explains:

“The first time I was in the studio with him, I’m like ‘what are we gonna work on?’ I was so excited. Then he told me he wanted me to sing ad-libs on the back of his tracks. He was like ‘just sing real pretty like you do,’ and I’m like ‘ok, cool!'”

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In response to her sound in the studio, she continues,

“Nick was feeling it. He was like ‘Yo that was lit…she’s killing it.’ And to hear that from him, and knowing he was married to Mariah Carey, he knows greatness! He knows it and he doesn’t disrespect it. It’s a huge compliment to get from him. It was childhood dream.”

In addition, she attended the Hollywood premiere of Cannon’s film ‘King of the Dancehall,’ and shortly after created her new single “Simple,” ahead of her upcoming June-due EP, ‘Overdue.’

As you can see, there’s much behind Natalie Nichole and she’s definitely got a story to tell.

So, be sure to keep up with the rising star on all platforms below! & check out her short documentary on her fast rise to follow!

Website | Instagram Twitter | FacebookSoundcloudYoutube

#PressPlay below to stream the new single “Simple” by Natalie Nichole and a short documentary on her fast rise!

#PressNext below to view more images of Natalie!

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