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Husky Jumps From Roof To Greet Owner But Lands On Him Breaking His Neck 



Husky Jumps From Roof To Greet Owner But Lands On Him Breaking His Neck 

A Chinese dog owner was left temporarily paralyzed after his husky jumped from the roof of his house and landed on him!

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The poor 67-year-old man was knocked out instantly when his 66Ib pet fell on him after excitingly greeting him when he returned home. The man was so in shock that he thought the wall of his house collapsed on him only to later realize it was his pup.

“As soon as it saw me, it jumped down from the second floor terrace,’ Liu said. ‘It loves me very much.”

The family had only owned the dog for several months after its adoption but the furry friend soon developed a strong attachment with its owner. The man, surnamed Liu, is currently recovering at Chenzhou No 1 People’s Hospital following surgery. The dog, however, was unharmed, according to Beijing Youth Daily.

“The man couldn’t move his limbs after the dog fell on him, leaving him paralysed temporarily,” Dr. Wang said.

The doctor, Wang Yuansong, told video news site Pear that the dog landed on the man’s shoulder and neck region. He said the dog fractured the man’s cervical vertebrae and bruised his spine as well. Dr. Wang claimed it would take three months for him to fully recover.

“I’ve never ever seen a dog cause such an injury,” spine surgeon Tong Jie said.

The owner will not punish his husky but will instead chain the dog to the terrace to prevent similar accidents.

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Check out a cute compilation of dog’s greeting their owners below:



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