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“Hustlers” Inspiration Samantha Barbash Calls Out Jennifer Lopez And The Films Executives


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“Hustlers” Inspiration Samantha Barbash Calls Out Jennifer Lopez And The Films Executives

As “Hustlers” makes major money in the box office, the inspiration behind Jenniffer Lopez character has something to say about the whole thing!

“Hustlers” hasn’t even been out for a week and has already managed to rake in $33.2 million in the box office. However, with this success, Samantha Barbash is not pleased.

This film is based on the New York Magazines 2015 article “The Hustlers At Scores” which followed a group of strippers including Barbash who made money from their right clientele.

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Jennifer Lopez’s character Ramona was inspired by Barbash who tole TMZ that the singer didn’t do her homework in order to portray her better.

“JLo betrayed me,” the 45-year-old alleged. “She didn’t even reach out to the woman that she portrayed. I think that’s a little… degrading as an actress.”

She continued to share that she was approached to work with the film, but she didn’t want to give up her rights and didn’t agree with some scenes.

“They pretty much basically stole my story. I wouldn’t sign my rights away. I wasn’t giving up my TV and film rights for peanuts. JLo doesn’t work for free, why should I? I’m a businesswoman.”

“She basically defamed my character,” alleged Barbash. “As a mother, there’s a part that she’s cooking drugs in a stove with her daughter there. First of all, it’s just not an accurate movie. Without JLo, they wouldn’t even have a movie, to be honest. There is no storyline. It’s just Jennifer. People are going to see the movie because JLo’s in a stripper pole… I’ve never been in a stripper pole like that in my life.”

Barbash shared that while JLo never personally reached out to her, the producer of the movie did contact her lawyer.

“The producer hit up my lawyer,” Barbash explained. “But it was a joke. I don’t even want to embarrass them of what they’d thought – put this way, I have Hermes bags that cost more than what they wanted to give me.”

“If you’re portraying my part, me the ringleader… then you should have actually met the person you’re portraying to study my mannerism,” she added. “My mannerism wasn’t like the way she played. Yes, I’m a boss and a leader but that’s about it. I’m not cold-hearted.”

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Barbash, however, did praise Cardi B for her characters work saying;

“She did great,” said Barbash about the rapper’s performance. “I loved her. Cardi was in the strip club business. Even though it was a different strip club than I worked, I think with an acting lesson she would’ve been great.”

Take a look at her interview with TMZ below and let us know what you think!

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