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“I Should knock You Out” – Chris Brown Give Valet A Piece of His Mind [VIDEO]

Chris Brown (puerto rico)


“I Should knock You Out” – Chris Brown Give Valet A Piece of His Mind [VIDEO]

Singer Chris Brown has had his run-ins with valet staff in the past, and he’s learned it’s better to walk away than to let things escalate.

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The Grammy award-winning singer was recorded calmly going off on the valet parking attendant outside TAO Los Angeles on Thursday night. The “Deuces” singer appears to threaten the staffer after he realized he was given a service charge on his valet bill.

The bill total isn’t exactly certain, but one thing that is certain is Breezy wasn’t feeling being taken advantage of because of his celebrity status. 

“Man you did me dirty. You trying to rape me right now.” Chris is heard saying to the valet staff.

Chris proceeded to calmly threaten the staffer but held himself back from getting physical.

“I should knock you out. but I’m not”. Chris added. 

The “Freaky Friday” singer was recorded standing inches from the guy’s face when he said the only reason he didn’t get physical is that there were too many cameras around.

Chris eventually pays the bill right before throwing out one final threat.

“Next time I see you hook me up on God.” Chris said before walking off. 

Watch video of the encounter HERE

This isn’t the first time a valet has pissed Chris off. Back in 2012 Breezy got into it with the valet at PINZ bowling alley in Studio City. Take a look at the video of that encounter below. 

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Take a look at Chris Brown below.

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