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ICE Detainees In Boston Jail Go On Hunger Strike

Rudy Gutierrez/The El Paso Times/AP)


ICE Detainees In Boston Jail Go On Hunger Strike

ICE Detainees In Boston Jail Go On Hunger Strike

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A group of ICE detainees have gone on a hunger strike at a Boston jail.

The Independent reports that 70 detainees at the Suffolk County House of Correction have been taking part in the hunger strike since Friday.

Sources close to the prison report that the detainees are protesting abuse by jail officials and “inhumane conditions” which include bad food and broken bathrooms. They have also challenged the prison’s authority to detain people on behalf of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Apparently, detainees have also sent jail officials a list of their issues on Feb. 10. A spokesman for the prison has also confirmed that the detainees are refusing set meals, but are still eating their canteen food and drinking regular fluids.

The hunger strike comes shortly after the government decided to stop force-feeding a group of men on a hunger strike inside an El Paso, Texas, immigration detention centre. The process involved feeding detainees through nasal tubes against their will.

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