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Immigration Officer Faces Possible Deportation After Discovery Of Mexican Birth Certificate



Immigration Officer Faces Possible Deportation After Discovery Of Mexican Birth Certificate

A Texas immigration officer fears he will be deported out of the country after it was discovered he was not a United States citizen.

According to Insider, Raul Rodriguez worked as an immigration officer for the US Customs and Border Protection agency for 20 years, served in the US Navy and lived in the US for 50 years. While helping his brother with the process to become an American citizen, Rodriguez uncovered some shocking news while submitting his own citizenship paperwork and his brother’s to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. The Office of the Inspector General called Rodriguez and informed him that they found his birth certificate from Mexico.

Rodriguez’s father told him that he was actually born in Mexico once the OIS conducted a criminal investigation to determine whether his brother falsified the documents. He was cleared from the investigation but Rodriguez was fired from his job once it was discovered about his actual citizenship.

 “At first, he was kind of hesitant and he didn’t want to answer questions, but I finally told him, ‘Hey. I need to know the truth.’ And he kind of shook his head saying that I was born in Mexico. And, it was devastating, because I knew what was going to happen after that.”

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He says he is struggling financially and had to refinance his home due to his residency application being stalled.

“I had to refinance my home, to consolidate all our debt so that my wife would be able to afford making payments and not lose our home.”

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Rodriguez also noted how he constantly lived in fear of being deported and it has caused a strain in his home life.

“Every time I see a cop or a police officer, I kind of stiffen up or get nervous to see Border Patrol. These are people that I worked with, and now I have to fear these people.”

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