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Influencer Sentenced To Six Years In Prison For Tweeting About Netflix Series “Narcos”


Influencer Sentenced To Six Years In Prison For Tweeting About Netflix Series “Narcos”

An influencer from Turkey was sentenced to serve six years in prison for posting tweets about the popular Netflix series “Narcos.”

Ahval News reports Pinar Karagöz aka “Pucca” was sentenced Friday, months after she was detained by drug enforcement police officers for tweeting about the show. Her lawyer, Ali Furkan Tatli, said his client was convicted due to her tweets about the show “Narcos”, a drama about the life of infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar. He added that she had no intentions about promoting drug use.

“This decision is arbitrary and not based in law,’

Karagöz posted on Instagram moments after her sentencing and claimed the famous Colombian drug lord did not receive a long jail sentence as she did.

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Famous Turkish stars such as Bulent Emrah Parlak responded to the sentencing as unfair since the influencer’s tweets only reflected her views on the show.

 “Drug dealers are free, thieves are free, murderers are free… this is a joke,’

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Karagöz’s defense lawyer appealed to the verdict since she was initially sentenced to serve seven years in prison but it was reduced to five years and a fine of $11,500.

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