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Instagram And Facebook Launch New Messaging App “Threads”



Instagram And Facebook Launch New Messaging App “Threads”

Instagram and Facebook are making it easier for users to keep up with their close friend’s list as they launch a new messaging app!

On Thursday, Instagram launched their new companion application Threads which is their way of making it easier to keep up with your friends. If you already use the close friends feature on Instagram, you’re already one step closer to having full access to this new app.

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This standalone app is meant to share photos, videos, messages, stories, locations, and more with your Instagram close friends list and having access to it all in one place. That means that it will weed out all the other pointless DM’s.

In a look similar to Snapchat, the application opens up with the camera on selfie mode making it faster to take a picture or video and share it. Once the picture/video is captured, users have three options, send it to their story for their close friends to see, send it to select close friends in DM, or allow their close friends to literally see the photo or video once.

While this now adds another social media app, everything that users do on Threads is still linked to their main Instagram profile except this one privacy feature.

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The new Status and Auto Status feature allows users to set an emoji as an away message to show close friends what they’re up to, or opt into letting Instagram select one automatically based on your location, accelerometer and even your phone’s battery level.

This app is available now on Android and IOS devices under Threads from Instagram. Download it and let us know what you think!

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