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Instagram Fitness Models Criticized For ‘Insensitive’ Antics With Holy Water At Bali Temple


Instagram Fitness Models Criticized For ‘Insensitive’ Antics With Holy Water At Bali Temple

An Instagram couple is being slammed for a video of them playing in the water of a holy temple in Bali.

Czech Republic’s Zdenek Slouka and Sabina Dolezalova who are known Instagram fitness models have gotten themselves in major trouble in Bali.

Video surfaces of Slouka and Dolezalova exploiting the Beji Temple in the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. While there, the couple stumbled upon a waterfall which contained holy water.

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Dolezalova could be seen turning her back to the water, bending over and lifting her skirt as Slouka splashed her butt with the water that runs from a sacred fountain.

While the instant backlash resulted in them taking down the video, it still surfaced online and captured the attention of the Bali senator Dr. Arya Wedakarna.

Dr. Wedakarna was not happy with the couple’s actions saying that they were “harassing” the temple.

Although they’ve taken the video down, the footage happened to make its way to Bali senator, Dr. Arya Wedakarna, who openly condemned the couple “harassing” the temple.

The couple did release an apology saying;

“We are so sorry about the video from yesterday, we dishonored the holy temple and holy water in Ubud and we didn’t know it,” Slouka saif.

Dolezalova added: “We had no idea [about] the holy water, holy temple… we really didn’t want to do anything bad, we are so truly sorry, and we hope you can forgive us. Now, we are just trying to do what we [can] to fix it.”

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Many who follow the couple also shared their disappointment in the couple saying,

“As a tourist, you should have learned about the local culture, religion, and what you can do or what you can’t do before you came to the country that you want to visit,”

Take a look at the video below and their apology let us know what you think!


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Admin baru saja menerima lsg video @sabina_dolezalova_ifbb dari bule yang viral yg diduga melecehkan Pura yg disebut sebut sebagai Pura di Kawasan Monkey Forest Ubud Gianyar. Senator AWK, telah menyampaikan pesan dan nasihat ke orang asing tersebut untuk membuat upacara Guru Piduka yang melibatkan pengempon pura dan warga adat dgn biaya ug dibebankan kepada mereka. Terkait masalah hukum hanya bisa diproses jika ada semeton Bali yg melaporkan ke aparat atau inisiatif dr pihak aparat untuk memproses hal ini. Senator AWK berencana akan memanggil dua Bule Tersebut segera. Demikian update berita ini 🙏 ( admin ) @jokowi @aryawedakarna #wedakarna #awkbali #baliberdaulat #dpdri #mprri #satyagrahabali #hindu #purabali

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