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Instagram Makes Plans To Remove Plastic Surgery Like Filters


Instagram Makes Plans To Remove Plastic Surgery Like Filters

Filters have become a part of just about everyone’s day to day selfies. But Instagram wants followers to believe in their inner beauty as they make plans to remove a specific style of filters!

For decades, people have been going under the knife to alter their appearances with the use of plastic surgery. From people wanting to look like Barbie and Ken dolls to people who want to look identical to their favorite celebrities, it has gone a little overboard!

Now it has gone past the operating table and onto the phones of millions of social media users as plastic surgery filters have been popping up on Instagram!  However, the social media platform says enough is enough and they have decided to remove all filters that relate to cosmetic procedures.


These filters if used will transform your face into a different look featuring things like bigger fuller lips, a slimmer nose, higher cheeks and so much more.

This filter definitely could have a negative effect on the youth of today as social media is a powerful tool that they abide by when it comes to the “standard” of beauty and living.

Daniel Mooney, the creator of one of the facelift filters says that he had no intention of using it to make people think differently about themselves.

“My intention was not to show a ‘perfect’ image, as you can see in the final result. Perfection is over-rated. I can see where Instagram is coming from, but for as long as some of the most-followed accounts on Instagram are of heavily surgically ‘improved’ people, removing surgery filters won’t really change that much.”

When using his filter which was called “fix me” users would see graphics on their faces as if a cosmetic surgeon marked them before a plastic surgery procedure. Instagram has removed all of Mooney’s filters as of now!

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This decision comes just weeks after Facebook announced that they would be removing ads that promote weight loss and images relating to cosmetic surgery!

Take a look at the filter below and let us know what you think!


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fix me filter just out – come live your plastic surgery fantasy

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