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Instagram Users Respond To Penelope Disick Wearing Gucci Loafers To School



Instagram Users Respond To Penelope Disick Wearing Gucci Loafers To School

Penelope Disick is going to school looking fashionable, but some Instagram users have a few words for her choice of shoes.

Spring break is over and Penelope Disick and North West are headed back to school and in style, but some socialites have a few concerns about Kourtney Kardashian’s choice of shoes for Penelope.

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On Monday, Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram to share a picture of herself, Kourtney, Penelope, and North posing for a back-to-school pic following their spring break. While they were in cute matching uniforms, fans were quick to point out that Penelope had on a pair of $400 Gucci loafers while North had on a pair of converse and white stockings.

“Kourtney put Gucci loafers on Penelope for school. If this is not me as a mother then IDK,” one commenter wrote while another said “Penelope on the right has better fashion as a toddler then I do at 24” and “Penelope wearing Gucci loafers to school is a mood.”

However, some felt that Gucci shoes were not for school let along her age.

“$400 Gucci loafers for the little girl, hell why not when you get money for nothing,” one user said. “I also wore my Gucci mules to primary school,” another one responded.

Regardless of what people opinions are, the Kardashians are known to have their kids living the life of luxury. Literally, each Kardashian kids has a pair of custom Yeezy shoes.

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One commenter summed it up best saying,

“So what! They have the money, let them spend it however they want.”


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Spring Break is over 😭📖📚✏️

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