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Is Gigi Hadid Making A Statement With Her Pit Hair?

Gigi Hadid


Is Gigi Hadid Making A Statement With Her Pit Hair?

Modeling and armpit hair might be a new trend if your name is Gigi Hadid.

Looks like unshaved is the way to go as Gigi Hadid is seen in a recent video shoot with unshaved armpits.

The video which was posted on Instagram featured the model posing for the LOVE Magazine’s Advent calendar series.

She is seen sporting her Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger collection consisting of a blue cut off sweater, a red sports bra, and biker shorts.

As the video goes on, she is seen breaking a sweat and alter thrown off the blue sweater.

She’s left wearing only the sports bra and biker shorts.

While the outfit was super cute, some could not take their eyes off of other parts of her body.

No, we’re not talking about her slim abs, we’re talking about her unshaved armpits.

At the end of the video, as she begins to slow down she raises her arms and exposes the hair while making a statement.

When this video was posted, socialites instantly began to comment on the shoot.

Some shared messages of support like, “How something so natural & normal as the hair, produce all this controversy…”

One socialite even said,

“Why are so many comments from women about her armpits? WE ALL HAVE ARMPIT HAIR THAT WE HAVE TO SHAVE DAILY! Gigi is showing herself with hair to spread positivity for women to be comfortable having HAIR!”

Take a look at the video up top and let us know what you think!

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