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Is Marc Jacobs Embracing the Loc Culture or Is It The “A” Word ?


Is Marc Jacobs Embracing the Loc Culture or Is It The “A” Word ?

APPROPRIATION ap·pro·pri·a·tion əˌprōprēˈāSH(ə)n/
The action of taking something for one’s own use, typically without the owner’s permission.
“the appropriation of parish funds”

For years there has been debates on the lack of diversity within the fashion community. And like every season during Fashion Week, there’s exposure on what designer/brand is with the movement of inclusion. And with that being said, Marc Jacobs decided to go with the idea of having his models wearing faux locs. While everyone is so quick to throw out the word APPROPRIATION .. take a step back and really think about if that word fits what he attempted to do. Anniesa Haasibuan has made headlines for her models all wearing hijabs, she was obviously praised for her mark in history so why is Marc Jacobs being seen the same way ? Everyone was totally baited once they watched the models walking down in their multiple faux locs but if the show wasn’t Marc Jacobs but maybe a Rastafarian designer, would this show be as shocking for others ? Or was the main issue not the locs but who was wearing them ? White washing other people’s culture is not acceptance. Socialites what are your views on the show ? Was Marc just trying to incorporate the culture into mainstream or is he found guilty of appropriation.

@marcjacobs back at it again with the appropriation ………. #MyHairIsNotMyResumé

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Trio at #MJSS17 ???? #MarcJacobsFragrances

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☄ Marc Jacobs Spring '17 ☄ #MJSS17

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