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Ja Rule’s Kids In Fear Of Failure If He Starts A Second Fyre Festival



Ja Rule’s Kids In Fear Of Failure If He Starts A Second Fyre Festival

Ja’Rule is ready to revive the Fyre Festival, but his kids are not here for the idea in fear of their names being tarnished!

Ja’Rule was attached to one of the most well-known festivals that never was, the Fyre Festival alongside convicted fraudster Billy McFarland.

As McFarland sits in a New York prison for 6 years, Rule is ready to let the past be the past and start a new festival, but this time with success.

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In a recent preview of Growing Up Hip Hop: New York, Ja’s kids can be seen talking about their fears of their father’s involvement in a remake.

“I’m nervous about my dad recreating another festival,” Ja Rule’s daughter Brittney said.

“It does make my heart drop to my stomach. I feel like it could get very messy very quickly, and it can go really bad.”

In the clip, Brittney shared that they initially planned on going to the Fyre Fest, but in a matter of days, it was the most talked-about festival as it had been a complete scam.

She also shared that she was worried about her fathers involvment reflecting negativly on her and her brother Jeff.

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Jeff also shared how the conversation about his father and Fyre constantly came up at school sharing that people would show him meme’s of the fiailed festival.

“I will say this: You can’t always control in life what happens,” Ja explained. “You can control how you react to it, and the outcome of that. We here, we do the f–k we doing. Iconic Fest here we come baby!”

Would you attend Ja’s festival? Let us know!

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