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Jacquees Says He Led The Way To ‘Real R&B’ This Year With His Album ‘4275’



Jacquees Says He Led The Way To ‘Real R&B’ This Year With His Album ‘4275’

Jacquees Says He Led The Way To ‘Real R&B’ This Year With His Album ‘4275’

While speaking on his successful run this year in a new profile with Billboard, self-proclaimed “King of R&B” singer Jacquees speaks on his debut album 4275 and how he believes it paved the way for “real R&B.”

Additionally, the Atlanta native states, “I think I probably made the best music, for real. It’s simple. I think I put together the best male R&B album this year with 4275. I think it was real structured — from the intro all the way to the end. Even the R&B artists that I put on it. I feel like I kind of opened the door for R&B, for real, because everybody was kind of playing around with it. Like, there’s Trap R&B — and no disrespect to none of that, ’cause I like all that shit, I’m a fan of it and I do some of that shit — but for my album, I didn’t. This was strictly R&B.”

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In addition to Jagged EdgeXscape and Donell Jones featured, he says, “I just opened up the whole door for the real R&B sound. I feel like I’m the leader — I should win an award for 4275 — I definitely should win best male R&B album of the year.”

Furthermore, he adds, 4275 was where I started and I wanted to represent so hard. I put everything into 4275. Like everything I had, my whole craft, my entire energy, everything went into it. I really put my blood, sweat and tears into it. I feel like I gave the people everything I had. It’s my best work. Even though I kept some records, that body of work, that project, I fought to get records on there.”

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