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James Brown’s Widow Tomi Rae Brown Believes He Was Drugged And Murdered

Photo Credit: Twitter/ Tomi Rae Brown


James Brown’s Widow Tomi Rae Brown Believes He Was Drugged And Murdered

James Brown’s Widow Tomi Rae Brown Believes He Was Drugged And Murdered

Tomi Rae Brown, the widow of music legend James Brown is speaking out for the first time and sharing the feelings and concerns she’s been harboring over his death.

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Speaking with the Mirror on Sunday, Tomi Rae said she believes her late husband, who died from heart failure in 2006, actually mysteriously died after telling his team that he wanted to cut back on his workload. She strongly believes Brown’s manager David Cannon – later convicted for raking off money from him – has the real answers to the star’s death.

Tomi pointed out that she was locked out of their mansion when she jetted to Brown after learning he had died.

“Something happened there that nobody wants me to know about. But whatever happened it is going to come out. You can’t hide the truth for very long.” Tomi said.

It was also noted that there was no autopsy, but in February of this year, Brown’s doctor Marvin Crawford suggested his death was through an overdose, deliberate or accidental.

“I think he could have been murdered. They were feeding him drugs and not paying him. You don’t give somebody drugs when you are looking out for them,” Tomi, who calls for a criminal probe says.

She added,

“It was crack cocaine and Phencyclidine. Everywhere I looked there was this stuff. I’d throw it away and more would come. He would be on the phone: ‘Bring me my green suit. Bring me my brown suit’. And the suit would have something in the pockets. People gave it to him. He was never into drugs until he got to his 40s. He was into education, stopping the race war. But then some people around him gave him this stuff. I’d say: ‘James you’re an old man, this is not going to help you’.” Tomi said.

She made it clear that she wasn’t one of those people who enabled him to do drugs. In fact, she tried her best to keep the drugs away from him.

“When I was there I would keep him away from that. We would dance, make love, go for rides, do whatever we had to do. He had so much energy, more than I had.”

Her suspicions grew after Cannon was sentenced to three years of home confinement in 2011 for taking more money than he was entitled to while managing Brown, but he died last year.

Aside from this, nine of Brown’s children have alleged that Tomi “embarked on a series of duplicitous business machinations calculated to deprive Brown’s children of their rightful interests in Brown’s music under the Copyright Act.@ However, Tomi, who has a son with Brown said,

“I held this man when he had cancer, for 10 years I put up with some heavy duty, not so fun hard stuff, helping his children when he told me not to. Then they betrayed me — and their little brother.”

Although she has family drama and lives with these horrible thoughts and feelings about her husband’s death, Tomi Rae says she’s trying her best to stay positive.

“I’m proud and honoured to be his wife.”

She plans to open a James Brown Foundation in London where she currently lives.

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